Specialty Coffee From All Over

Our Story

How it all began.

the birth of TAMPD came from the idea and passion to serve, educate and share the art and love of brewing coffee. wanting to create meaningful conversations with a community that welcomes everyone from all walks of life. and ultimately we want to showcase what a great cup of coffee is to everyone in our eyes.

so, on April 2019 we decided it's time for us to have it a go. and ever since then, we have been serving freshly brewed coffee and give our upmost attention in each and every cup, slowly growing and creating what we aimed TAMPD to be and appreciate each and every step that we take,

Our coffee.

we love the idea of the ability to be able to serve different coffees everytime so we can showcase everyone what each origin and roaster from everywhere throughout the world can offer. with that in mind, we occasionally rotate our coffee selections in both our filter coffee and espresso beans.

Another Coffee Spot.

Another Coffee spot signifies the rebirth of our homebase cafe back in 2019. Now with a new refreshed cosy atmosphere which in no doubt will be your next third place where you can settle down and enjoy a great cup of coffee either on your way to or back from somewhere.